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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 31
Namn : juan
Från : venezuela
Kör : sierra 86
Registration date : 12-03-25

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InläggRubrik: hello   hello Icon_minitimesön 25 mar 2012, 03:42

hey sierra fanatics...

my name is juan im form venezuela.. i used to owned a xr6 not injected.. but now i owned an 86 sierra ranchera.. havent driven it yet cause im still workin on it.. i had my xr6 totaled last year and i transfer everything from it to the 86 ranchera pretty cool lol.. im almost done with the car. i lack of electrical skill so thats whats stopping me.

honestly im interested on how to mount an universal turbo into the v6 cologne carb.
any suggestions thanks.

its good to know that there lots of ppl interested in these cars.
here noone really likes them only club members in venezuela...
sorry nothing in english but its good to browse. here there some ppl trying on the 5.0 liter v8.. it runs great.
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Antal inlägg : 2023
Age : 38
Namn : Jocke
Från : 08-land
Kör : Ford P100
Registration date : 06-10-30

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InläggRubrik: Sv: hello   hello Icon_minitimemån 09 apr 2012, 23:53

Hi and welcome,
Please share some photos if you got some. Smile It sounds like a really cool project!

A turbo on a carburated cologne is no good. Go for the 2,9er with injection and buy yourself a Megasquirt with TFI trigger. That will do the trick if you want to run the cologne with a turbo.

// Grey



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