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 Skogenracing help me please!!

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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 17
Age : 30
Namn : Nebojsa
Från : Banja Luka
Kör : Capri 2800 GT + M62
Registration date : 09-12-08

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InläggRubrik: Skogenracing help me please!!   Skogenracing help me please!! Icon_minitimetor 05 aug 2010, 00:11

I started to build 2.8 on carburetor but every day looking your forum guys I realized that is waste off money.
Today I found two 2.9 Cologne for reasonable price.
First one is complete engine.It has everything but I dont know is it with two of this things or one couse it is out of the car and electronic is disassembled from engine.
I dont know how you call them Smile
Skogenracing help me please!! U_JeA
What is the diference if I wanna turbocharge an engine with two of these?
The other engine is preaty much in this state
Skogenracing help me please!! Ford_Cologne_V6_2.9_left
It was in the Scorpio automatic and the guy says it is 2.8 but he is not sure.
It dont looks like 2.8...?

The final option is 2.0 EFI but neither this engine have electronic Sad
Can you show me how to find his electronic and computer in the bucket of other??

PLEASE help me couse I really,really wanna turbocharge an engine on your way but I desperate need your help to buy an engine that will works...

Thanks in advance.
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Antal inlägg : 2023
Age : 38
Namn : Jocke
Från : 08-land
Kör : Ford P100
Registration date : 06-10-30

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InläggRubrik: Sv: Skogenracing help me please!!   Skogenracing help me please!! Icon_minitimetis 23 nov 2010, 00:28

3 fast answers! Smile

1. It is called Mass air flow sensor (MAF), and some of the 2.9ers around europe got two of them, but in Sweden we have got the EFI with MAP sensor instead.

2. No, you should not use the original electronics. Buy a Megasquirt and use that for easiest turbo convertion (even though it's not that easy). Mikael got a map that gives an original 2.9er 323whp so contact him when you have finished building the engine and want to startup! Smile

3. It is a 2.9er, not a 2.8.

Buy a 2.9er and start the project! Happy tinkering!

// Grey



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Skogenracing help me please!!
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