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 carbed pinto turbo

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Antal inlägg : 2
Age : 42
Namn : Martijn
Från : ned
Kör : ned
Registration date : 10-05-04

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InläggRubrik: carbed pinto turbo   carbed pinto turbo Icon_minitimeons 12 maj 2010, 10:18

Hi there,

I'm from the netherlands and the proud owner of a capri III 1600. Now I wanted to be different and instead of tuning the engine with carbs I wanted turbo power.
Because EFI pinto's cost silly money, 400 euro's is pretty common around here, I desided to stay on carbs. the 1600 is the prototype engine just to get all the parts in the right place and have a decent base map for the ignition system. After that I will drop in a 2 liter that I got cheap.

The car is a budget build and therefore the progress is slow. the turbo components are from a renault 5 gtt. For now the car runs on with the standard dizzy but in the futere I want to go MegaJolt.

I hope to find here some people who are also using a carb on a turbo conversion.

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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 35
Age : 45
Namn : Pjotr
Från : The Netherlands
Kör : Accord / RX-7
Registration date : 07-12-01

carbed pinto turbo Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: carbed pinto turbo   carbed pinto turbo Icon_minitimemån 17 maj 2010, 22:55

Hi Martijn,

I tried the same thing as you did only on a 2.0 honda.
Better get a Weber 32/36 DGEV or a 34/34 DGAS.
They are better then the 5gtt carb. You're going to choke this engine with this r5 carb.
If you're going to stay carb, get a good rising rate (1:1) FPR (brandstofdruk regelaar) adjustable from 2 to ± 30 psi. (mallory 4309 or malpassi) And a pump to keep up with this pressure and demand.
If you're getting in to boost you need to add fuelpressure.
Your stock Fuelpressure is ± 3-4psi. If your boostpressure is 10 psi, you need 13-14psi fuelpressure when in full-boost.

Make sure you pull some timing wen going into boost.

Just sold a complete CapriIII with 2.0i Pinto 5-speed for ± € 850

If you have any more question, you can PM me in dutch...


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carbed pinto turbo
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