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 Viper replica

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Viper monkey
Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 2
Age : 34
Namn : Nick
Från : Uk
Kör : Westfield, building viper
Registration date : 12-10-20

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InläggRubrik: Viper replica    Viper replica  Icon_minitimeons 24 okt 2012, 20:59

Hi guys just thought i would say a further hello and upload some pics of what i am up to. Well heres some background. Last year i decided that i wanted to build my second kit car. Previously i have rebuild a westfield that was left to ruin. The westy now has a 2.0 ltre ZETEC running Megajolt and ZX7R bike carbs.
So i wanted something a little different and found a half built Dodge viper GTS replica. The car infact is not supported by any kit car producer at the minute but should be in the near future.
The initial pan was to stay true to the american muscle concept and drop in a rover/tvr v8 and get rid of the ford v6 , mainly due to what i had read about the poor tuning ability of the cologne v6. HOWEVER you guys have shown me the light and i intend to follow the teachings and stick in a large turbo and MS.
Ideally 400hp would be nice but i understand 350 with the mt75 gearbox is about the limit.

Question though, i am trying to locate turbos with similar dimensions as to what has been discribed on here, i believe 55mm in and 65mm out has been suggested ,but is this the compressor or the turbine size? or a mixture of both??

hopefully i will keep you posted with my progress.

Loads of jobs to do as you can see
jobs to do first though are :-
fuel tank and fuel system
wiring - so going to install the MS from the off
engine- turbo , manifold etc

few pics for you.

thanks again for your works!!!!!

Viper replica  146286531
Viper replica  146286467
Viper replica  146286381
Viper replica  146286311
Viper replica  09bJHu7m
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Antal inlägg : 2023
Age : 38
Namn : Jocke
Från : 08-land
Kör : Ford P100
Registration date : 06-10-30

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InläggRubrik: Sv: Viper replica    Viper replica  Icon_minitimeons 24 okt 2012, 21:23

Nice project, I love the Viper GTS! Very Happy

Keep the updates coming, this project is very interesting.
If you have any questions, just drop em because you are at the right place for tuning cologne 2.9ers! Smile

// Grey



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Skogenracing Large

Antal inlägg : 105
Age : 37
Namn : Daniell Toft
Från : Norge
Kör : Bmw E38 with S62B50 engine
Registration date : 08-06-24

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InläggRubrik: Sv: Viper replica    Viper replica  Icon_minitimesön 28 okt 2012, 02:55

throw in an v8, v10 or v12 engine.. something else is a shame Razz
but still a nice project Smile
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InläggRubrik: Sv: Viper replica    Viper replica  Icon_minitime

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Viper replica
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