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 Pinto T urbo Power

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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 9
Age : 40
Namn : Daniel
Från : United Kingdom
Kör : Mk1 Escort
Registration date : 10-08-27

Pinto T urbo Power Empty
InläggRubrik: Pinto T urbo Power   Pinto T urbo Power Icon_minitimeons 12 sep 2012, 15:07

It hasn't seen many miles yet and still needs to be mapped but what sort of pwer would you expect a pinto with the following spec to make?

205 pinto block
Cosworth 9 bolt crank
Cosworth uprated oil pump
Steel rods
8:1 Wossner pistons
VP mains & big end bearings
ARP bottom end studs
ARP head Studs
Bottom end balance
Multi layer steel head gasket
Kent FR32 cam kit
Holley boost ref'd fuel regulator
Siemens 630cc high imp injectors
Custom 70mm throttle body
Holset HX35 turbo
Compressor racing 45mm ex w/gate
Omex 600 series ECU
Omex crank, air, water & TPS
Omex DIS coil
KMS 4 bar MAP sensor
Walbro 255 fuel pump

This is with a heavily ported head as well.

I am hoping for around 300bhp with not too much boost but would like to have a bit more for those special occassions.

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Skogenracing Supreme

Antal inlägg : 786
Age : 36
Namn : Johan Lindberg
Från : Bollnäs
Kör : Dkw S6 -95
Registration date : 06-10-26

Pinto T urbo Power Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto T urbo Power   Pinto T urbo Power Icon_minitimetor 20 sep 2012, 23:05

I think that depends mostly on the cylinderhead and camshaft, all other things you specified only makes it last the power :-) With a aftermarket cam and nice job on the head, it will make 300bhp with quite low boost I think.

Mikael made 300whp@1.9bar boost with gasoline, stock head and camshaft.

I plan to get my car in the dyno this fall or winter, stock head and camshaft there also, hope to get those 300whp or more with Mikeals old turbo at 1.7-1.8bar(doesn't have fuel for more boost) and ethanol.
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Pinto T urbo Power
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