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 Pinto double spark plug head

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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 19
Age : 34
Namn : Marko
Från : Borovac
Kör : Ford Sierra 2.9 cosworth
Registration date : 11-08-25

InläggRubrik: Pinto double spark plug head   fre 02 sep 2011, 02:16


After a lot of thinking and preparation I have decided to modify Pinto EFi head to accept two spark plugs per cylinder.

This modificatio will allow me to use much higher cr and lose some pumping losses because combustion chambers after modification need some 23Deg BTDC of total ignition timing!

It is the fastest burn combustion chamber I have ever seen.

I could write a book about the modifications and how and why but for this introduction I'll be short.

I'll try to answer Your questions as detailed as possible if somebody wants to know something more about the mods...

Here are the pictures of the head:

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Skogenracing Supreme

Antal inlägg : 533
Age : 29
Namn : Joel
Från : Norrhult, Småland
Kör : Golf GTI 16v -89, Ford Sierra -88
Registration date : 10-03-06

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto double spark plug head   fre 02 sep 2011, 12:48

Wow! You have some really interesting projects and they are alot more advanced than any other here on skogenracing. Very Happy
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Pinto double spark plug head
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