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 Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto

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Johnny T.
Skogenracing Small
Johnny T.

Antal inlägg : 13
Age : 29
Namn : Jaanis
Från : Latvia
Kör : Ford Sierra 2.0i ohc
Registration date : 11-07-20

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   lör 19 maj 2012, 09:47

Need some help, built my turbo pinto, was driving happy for 2 weeks, then after one dragrace two pistons broke. I dont understand why is that so. Boost was only 0,4bar(stock pressure with garrett t25 from saab 9000) and fuel was enough too(bosch 359ccm injectors, AFR gauge showed optimal to rich, but never lean). So What could've been the reason for detonation?
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Johnny T.
Skogenracing Small
Johnny T.

Antal inlägg : 13
Age : 29
Namn : Jaanis
Från : Latvia
Kör : Ford Sierra 2.0i ohc
Registration date : 11-07-20

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   sön 09 sep 2012, 13:35

Ok, back on the road. I wanted to use some kind of pressure switch to retard ignition while on boost using those three octane wires. The question is, can i use ford's oil pressure switch and how to make it work in other direction? If i understand correctly, when the pressure is applied, sensor switches off, i need it the other way around.
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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 44
Namn : Dave
Från : Dave
Kör : Dave
Registration date : 13-06-13

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   tor 13 jun 2013, 11:01

Citat :

Hi All,

New to the forums from Australia! - Gday!

I realise this thread is quite old, but im hoping someone might be able to tell me what this manifold is off?. Im starting the process of turbo charging my ford escort (pinto motor), and one o the pieces im looking for is the turbo manifold. This manifold (from earlier on in this thread) looks like it would do the job, and quite possibly fit my budget.

If anyone has any idea of where i could get a manifold like this, it would be very much appreciated.


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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 24
Namn : Tanel
Från : Tanel
Kör : Tanel
Registration date : 13-10-20

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   sön 20 okt 2013, 13:07

Hello! I´m from estonia.

I have a few questsions about pinto turbo running by stock ecu. Why all have placed the air mass sensor before the turbo, not between turbo and intake? Have you do some changes or remove the original map sensor? What have u done with lamda sensor? Have you adjust the mixture by rotateing the air mass sensor wheel: http://paulaxford.com/images1/bmw730i/afm_repair.jpg ?

I have the air mass sensor between turbo and intake, i have removed lamda and map is on stock position, i have 0,5 bar of boost, 3 extra fuel injectors(m20b20), 2 of them come on 0,2 bar of boost and one comes at 0,4 bar of boost. But i can´t get the mixture right, when i turn the mixture higher from the air mass sensor then i can run the car on full throttle and no detonation (and fuel consumtion is very high that way) but not on full throttle the dotonation will come.

If i get your answers, i hope i can get my car running better. Maby done something wrong.

Sorry for bad english.
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Skogenracing Supreme

Antal inlägg : 659
Age : 32
Namn : Bosse
Kör : allt för många bilar
Registration date : 10-06-16

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   sön 20 okt 2013, 14:02

as far as i know the pinto does not utilize any map sensor..
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Lister Mister
Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 26
Namn : Jiri Masin
Från : Czech Republic
Kör : Kolin
Registration date : 13-04-24

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   mån 21 okt 2013, 18:00

Hi from Czech Republic! I read through a many many topics here on your sites. I'm a big Ford fan and when I saw your first video I was sure to do somthing similar. Firstly I started to collected some informations about turbo conversions (mostly from your sites Wink) and I'm now decided to firstly try to make sierra pinto turbo and maybe lately 2.9 cologne turbo. I want to start with 2.0 ohc because I think it would be easier and much cheaper too. And mainly I could learn a lot from it. I can weld a bit and I know some basics about cars
(I was repairing cars for last two summers as a summer job).
I have few questions about this topic:
1. At the begining of this topic are some pictures of the pinto turbo conversion and lot of thme are not functioning now. Could someone please put theme here again? It would be very helpful! Smile
2. I want to try tu use the system of L-jet and K-jet system of fuel injecting, I thnik I understood everything, but I have one idea about the K-jet system... Wouldn't it be better to use just one much bigger injector and put it somewhere on the intake manifol where it's not jet devided to 4 separate tubes?(=> as a normal K-jet system) I'm not sure if it could work, but I think it could have a great meaning for consumption isn't it? I know that original intake manifold isn't very good for doing it, because its devided into 4 tubes almost immediately after throttle so theres no place where to put the K-jet, but if I'll make my own intake manifold could it work? Or you would suggest me to to it as you are doing it with 4 K-jet injectors?
3. From which care should I get correct K-jet injectors?
4. What exactely is the preasure switch or where can I get it? Is that possible to take it from some other car? And the injectors are connected right into this switch?
Thank You very much for your answers! And please apologize my bad english and maybe my stupid questions.  BIG Like to SKOGENRACING!!!
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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 33
Age : 30
Namn : Erik
Från : black forest, germany
Kör : Ford Capri mk1 OHC
Registration date : 12-11-02

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   tis 22 okt 2013, 15:23

I don't know much about K-Jet or L-Jet injections.
But I can help you if you want to build a OHC Turbo with Blow-Trough Carb System.
My system is now running very good. even the man from the Dyno/rolling road was very enthusiastic
and happy with my car. Because there is no turbo lag!

188Hp at only 0.5Bar 8Psi Boost [as you can see at the torque graph, no turbo lag]

I do another run after this dyno with 1 Bar and the Car had 250Hp at 6700rpm
But the engine is still stock and I don't want to crash the engine.

Yes you are right, 250Hp out of a STOCK N4B engine. Stock pistons, Stock camshaft, everything stock.

I had no problems with fuelling because I use a boost-adjustet fuel pressure regulator.
The More Boost the car have, the more fuelling.

I think this is also the Way to do if you convert the original 2.0 OHC with EFI Injection to Turbo.
Simply use a Boost Related Pressure Regulator.

Use this one I you still use std. EFI Injection System from Sierra:

This will work fine!

Than you need a Wideband Lambda / AFR Control. This is a MUST HAVE to set up your car right:
I use this one. It works great:

If the Light is GREEN at the gauge, everything is good for you engine. If the lights are Orange at full throttle, you need to adjust the Presure Regulator or
Fit bigger Injectors.

I would recommend you to use DENSO MA20PRU Spark Plugs.

My car really runs very nice now and I belive you can do the same.

I use this turbo, it works very fine!

As you can see on the dynograph above.

The Oil return line is simply down on the left side under the Exhaust Manifold.
Just weld a 16-20mm pipe onto the screw.

I recommend you to buy a aftermarked Turbo Manifold and a weld a Pinto OHC flange on.
I used the Nissan 200SX S13 C18DET manifold. weld the pipes 90mm longer and weld them onto the pinto flange:
This one will work FINE:

here you can buy the pinto flange:

I hope I could help you. for more questions you can send me a PN or better answere in this thread
so that anyone can see it Smile

Regards, Erik

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Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 28
Namn : Linas
Från : Lithuania
Kör : MK1 Sierra
Registration date : 12-09-24

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   tis 22 jul 2014, 20:17

Hi, I`m building budget pinto turbo sierra with extra injectors. I want to use 4 bmw 318is injectors, they are 191cc/min, would it be enough for 0.5bar?

I`m planning to use two homemade pressure switch, they are made from bmw oil pressure sensor.
I have cutted top of sensor and glued with epoxy a nut with an screw, and it works very well

Here is my setup at the moment
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Skogenracing Extreme

Antal inlägg : 404
Age : 29
Namn : Bobby
Från : Landskrona
Kör : Ford Sierra 2.0i
Registration date : 14-09-17

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto   mån 25 apr 2016, 15:22

Sweet! Smile

Keep it up!
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Användarens profil
Skogenracing Small

Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 19
Namn : Toms
Från : Latvia
Kör : Ford scorpio 2.0 och 1986
Registration date : 19-01-23

InläggRubrik: 2.0 och efi scprio turbo   tor 24 jan 2019, 07:13

Hi. So long story short, im from Latvia, i have a ford scorpio 2.0 och efi 1986 that i want to turbocharge on a really tight budget. im aiming for the max safe boost the engine can hold from what ive seen some people say its 0.6 bar and other say its 1bar. Il assume its 1bar Smile. And i plan to keep the stock ecu. If il really need a standalone il buy it in future, but im not sure its worth it on this build, when i bought the car for 350 eur. i mean i dont want it to blow but if i can make it work why not.

So this far ive found a deal on (saabs 9-5 2.3 turbo 2000) intercooler, injectors, turbo , headers for the turbo flange, and exhaust flange for the turbo for 120eur. im not sure how much boost the turbo can hold but i hope it will do the job. at the worst case scenario it costs only 60 eur.

my plan is to make an adapter for the stock manifold, install the saabs injectors with  Adjustable  Fuel Pressure Regulator like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-Adjustable-Tomei-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-With-gauge-and-instructions-red-blue-gold-silver-black-Titanium/32695803865.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.272.28e53c00rVXZkJ

Air Fuel Ratio Gauge like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-CNSPEED-52mm-Auto-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Gauge-With-Front-Narrowband-Oxygen-Sensor-For-Hyundai/32958874701.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.259.28e53c00rVXZkJ

and boost Controller Kit like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-CNSPEED-60MM-12V-Car-Turbo-Boost-Gauge-2-BAR-Adjustable-Turbo-Boost-Controller-Kit/32954612384.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.265.6da83c007ggNgf

my plan for tuning this is to start with the stock boost and slowly increas it, if the car starts runing lean i just increas the fulepresure. is that how it works?

and i plan to mount a cold air intake with this adapter https://protuning.lv/en/60641-adapter-for-sport-air-filter

il try to go with an adapter and not make my own manifold because it just seems to hard.

my questions

1-  can i make the stock ecu work for 1bar

2- maybe someone knows how much boost the saabs turbo can hold

3- is that a legit way of tuning aka is it safe for the car

4-do i need to upgrade the fuel pump?

5- do i need to change the spark plugs.

6-how about the stock clutch, will it hold 200hp.

i know this thread is very old, but i hope someone seas this and can help me out.

there is a lot more work than i was thinking at first but i just want my scorpio to make stututu noises. Smile
sry for my bad English, im just a kid who wants a turbo pinto.
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Pinto Turbo Conversion - Howto
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