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 Pinto Build seeking information

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Antal inlägg : 1
Age : 19
Namn : Nikolai
Från : Denmark
Kör : sierra
Registration date : 18-06-21

InläggRubrik: Pinto Build seeking information   tor 21 jun 2018, 23:44

hi i am currently seeking information for my projekt pinto turbo for the winter
right now ive got a pinto with a 2871 and a custom made manifold i have planned to go with a megasquirt ecu, and a rotary ignition to coilpack conversion  
as you can see i have startet a little bit iam seeking around 250-300hp i am going all the way with arp headstuds and a cometic headgasket
btw i will be going 99 oktane depends if theres a diffrence from 95 ofc

should i go internal or external wastegate
i need some help to find out what gasket thickness i need
should i stay org with the cam? aswell what about the valve springs upgradable or
can i buy another intake manifold somewhere?
should i stay orginal with the internals or go YB pistons and rods or only one of them?

this is my first build on a pinto so if there is anything i should be careful about or any good ideas please tell me Smile

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Pinto Build seeking information
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